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To turn on, supply power to, or enable systems, equipment or devices to become active by normal operating controls. Examples include turning on the gas or water supply valves to the fixtures and appliances, and activating electrical breakers or fuses.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
activate (verb)
transitive verb
to make or more active as - active
a) (1) to make (as molecules) reactive or more reactive
(2) to convert (as a provitamin) into a biologically active derivative
b) to make (a substance) radioactive
c) to treat (as carbon or alumina) so as to improve adsorptive properties
d) (1) to set up or formally institute (as a military unit) with the necessary personnel and equipment
intransitive verb
(2) to put (an individual or unit) on active duty to become active
activate (Wikipedia)

Activate is a verb meaning to make operative or active.

It can also refer to:

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