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A trim board that is installed beneath a window sill.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
apron (noun)
a garment usually of cloth, plastic, or leather usually tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume
something that suggests or resembles an apron in shape, position, or use as
a) the lower member under the sill of the interior casing of a window
b) an upward or downward vertical extension of a bathroom fixture (as a sink or tub)
c) an endless belt for carrying material
d) an extensive fan-shaped deposit of detritus
e) the part of the stage in front of the proscenium arch
f) the area along the waterfront edge of a pier or wharf
g) a shield (as of concrete or gravel) to protect against erosion (as of a waterway) by water
h) the extensive paved part of an airport immediately adjacent to the terminal area or hangars
apron (Wikipedia)
Woman wearing an apron
Léon Bonvin - Cook with Red Apron

An apron is a garment that is worn over other clothing and covers mainly the front of the body. It may have several different purposes and is today perhaps most known as a functional accessory that layers over one's outfit to protect one's clothes and skin from incidental stains and marks. However, the apron may also be worn as a purely decorative garment, for hygienic reasons and to protect from dangers such as excessive heat. An apron often gains sentimental value overtime because one who wears an apron wears it often, if not always, while doing the work. The routine of putting an apron on before doing ones work can even begin to feel slightly ceremonial, in the sense that it prepares them mentally and physically for the task at hand.

As a top layer that covers the front body, the apron is also worn as a uniform, adornment, ceremonial garb or fashion statement. Apron styles adapt to the tastes of the times to suite the values and jobs of the current culture. They can be practical, fashionable, and sentimental.

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