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The lowest member of the frame of a structure that rests on the foundation and supports the floor joists or uprights of the wall; the member forming the lower side of an opening, as in a door sill, window sill, etc.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
sill (noun)
a horizontal piece (as a timber) that forms the lowest member or one of the lowest members of a framework or supporting structure as
a) the horizontal member at the base of a window
b) the threshold of a door
a tabular body of igneous rock injected while molten between sedimentary or volcanic beds or along foliation planes of metamorphic rocks
a submerged ridge at relatively shallow depth separating the basins of two bodies of water
sill (Wikipedia)

Sill may refer to:

  • Fort Sill, a United States Army post near Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Mount Sill, a California mountain
  • Sill, Swedish word for herring (the Norwegian and Danish equivalent is sild, the Icelandic is síld)
  • Sill (dock), a weir at the low water mark retaining water within a dock
  • Sill (geology), a subhorizontal sheet intrusion of molten or solidified magma
  • Sill may also refer to the rise in depth near the mouth of a fjord caused by a terminal moraine
  • Sill (geostatistics)
  • Sill plate, a construction element
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