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In stairs, the support on which the stair treads rest.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
stringer (noun)
one that - strings
a , wire, or chain often with snaps on which fish are strung by a fisherman - string
a narrow vein or irregular filament of mineral traversing a rock mass of different material
a) a long horizontal timber to connect uprights in a frame or to support a floor
b) - string
c) a tie in a truss
a) a longitudinal member extending from bent to bent of a railroad bridge and carrying the track
b) a longitudinal member (as in an airplane fuselage or wing) to reinforce the skin
a) a news correspondent who is paid space rates
b) a reporter who works for a publication or news agency on a part-time basis , broadly - correspondent
one estimated to be of specified excellence or efficiency - used in combination first-stringer second-stringer
stringer (Wikipedia)

Stringer may refer to:

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