Deck Inspections

There are 40 million residential and 10 million commercial decks in the United States. According to NADRA, almost 50 percent of these decks are 20 to 40 years old.

Would you let your child play on a backyard swing set that hasn’t been inspected in many years? The same principle applies to your deck, which has a limited lifespan due to its exposure to the elements. On average, more than 35,000 people are injured each year through poor deck construction and/or maintenance issues. Consumer Protection Awareness estimates approximately 6,000 of these individuals are either paralyzed or suffer a head trauma. People often delay or neglect deck maintenance, which are wood structures that need to be treated and maintained. If you’re going to allow your children, family, and friends on a structure that is sometimes from 12 to 20 feet off the ground, take the time to check underneath your deck to ensure it’s safe or Get a Professional Deck Inspection.

We offer several types of deck inspections.

ASHI Deck Inspection

The ASHI Deck Inspection is a visual inspection to determine if, at the time of the inspection, the deck components substantially conform to a deck construction guideline and identify deck the components that are unsafe, or are near the end of their expected service life.

The inspection will include:

deck inspection
deck inspectiondeck inspection

NADRA Deck Inspection

The NADRA deck inspection is a 41 point deck inspection using NADRA's proprietary inspection form. This inspection can only be performed by a NADRA (North American Decking and Railing Association) Certified Deck Inspector. Two of Brewer Inspection Services Inspectors are both ASHI Certified and NADRA Certified Deck Evaluators.


For more information about NADRA please visit

deck inspection

HOA Deck Inspection

Are you a HOA Trustee?
     Are you a HOA Property Manager
           Are you a HOA Community Resident?

When was the last time your deck was inspected. Every year we see more and more "preventable" deck failures on the news. These news stories often begin with, "Deck, Porch, or Balcony Collapses", and end with words like, "Killed...Injured...or...Dead." These tragic stories all validate the significance of why your HOA needs to get all your neighborhood decks inspected.

  • Are the critical connections of your deck satisfactory?
  • Is there any red rust on the metal fastners and connectors?
  • Does your deck have necessary flashings?
  • Are your stairs, rails and guard rails safe?
  • Is the structure sound and conform with current standards?
  • Is there any wood decay or deterioration to any part of your deck?

Then your HOA needs to to hire an ASHI Certified Inspector or a NADRA Deck Evaluator to inspect your community decks!

deck inspectiondeck inspection