Home check-UP

This is a unique inspection product for those homeowners looking for an occasional or annual preventative home maintenance inspection and for homeowners wishing to make their home livable for a lifetime while aging in place.  In addition to the standard home check-up, we'll provide you with advice on modifications on what your needs may be in the future while keeping in mind your current and/or lifestyle needs.

We'll help you determine what home repairs you may need a professional for, what you should put on your to do/honey do list, and what will need to be replaced in the not too distant future so you can budget accordingly.

Your home check-up inspection will also help in identifying potential concerns that could result in latent issues not easily determined by homeowners, which could develop into major home repairs. It can also provide you with a maintenance checklist as part of your inspection report. The home check-up inspection could potentially save on expensive home repairs or issues that may lead to major problems.

Check-up Scope

    • Roof:  Does your roof have any flashing problems, hail damage, etc.
    • Gutter
    • Brick and Siding: Is there deterioration.
    • Yard Drainage:  Are there areas that may cause any harmful effects to the home.
    • Basement or Crawlspace: Do you have moisture or ventilation problems, and is your insulation intact.
    • Electrical Systems
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Heating/Cooling Systems
    • Foundation
home check-uphome check-uphome check-up