Main Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection


The function of a Main Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection

To find out if there are any concerns with the main sewer lateral line of a home or building, we can have our sewer lateral subcontractor perform a sewer line camera inspection of the main sewer lateral line using a fiber optic camera. Under most circumstances, our subcontractor will perform this inspection during the building inspection. You will be provided with a report, and a DVD of the inspection, as seen from the camera in the main sewer lateral line. The 2" secondary lines, laundry lines, floor drains and kitchen lines are not included in this inspection.

What is a main lateral sewer line anyway? 

A main lateral sewer service line is a sewer line that extends from the building, under or through the foundation wall or an exterior wall to the sewer main, sewer easement, or private drain. Tree roots can infiltrate a sewer lateral line and constrict or block the line. Cast iron pipes can deteriorate and poor workmanship can affect the performance of the line, defects or blockages that potentially can cause sewer back-ups and damage.